Glorious kitsch Christmas decorations

The Christmas season is almost upon us and is a very important time of the year for many people. It signifies warmth, light, the exchange of gifts, copious amounts of food (and alcohol )and a chance for family and friends to get together.

Therefore, it's quite important to get your decorations right and evoke the right mood for your house.

If your'e like me, we chucked everything away last New Year and are looking to start afresh with new decorations this year.

So I have been having a little look around to see what is available on the market and have found a few unique and alternative decorations around.

Where do we start? I think the tree is probably the most important element of any Christmas décor.

Real or fake? Personally, I love a real tree. The smell is just gorgeous and instantly adds atmosphere to your living area that a festive candle could never do! However, there are some great artificial trees out there and then you don't have to worry about the needles falling everywhere (daily hoovering - always helped by the cat pulling decorations off the tree and adding to the mess on the floor!) and chopping the trunk to fit the bucket etc and then discarding it after Christmas. Instead, with an artificial tree you can choose the size that best fits with you and even the colour and you can pack it away for use year after year.

Some of my favourite fake trees are white because you can add decorations and they will always stand out against white no matter what your chosen Christmas colour scheme. Some artificial tress ( dependant on your budget) even come with built in lights.

I like the one at Balsam Hill (pictured below) that comes in a range of sizes up to 8ft and prices start at around £149 or alternatively good old Wilko do a great white pre lit tree for £35.

Balsam Wood starts at £149

You can even get a red Christmas tree on or pink and turquoise on amazon!

The next item on your list is going to be lights ( unless you are savvy enough to have bought a pre-lit artificial tree). Lights are so important on a tree because they just create the most amazing atmosphere and focal piece and you can have all the lamps down low and just enjoy looking at a twinkling tree! Coloured or white, this is a considered choice and do you just keep your lights to the tree or add them to adorn your bannisters or kitchen?

I love white lights where you can adjust the settings to make them twinkle or be static and they look classy. Home Bargains do some great sets of lights at really good prices.

Balsam Wood Trees Pre lit start from £149

How about these Aladdin style Lantern lights opposite,for a really kitsch look on a white tree!(From Christmas Trees and I would love these but I don't think the family would agree!

Now then. Tree decorations.

This is where the real decision making comes in – do we go for a solid one colour scheme or mix it up with all variety of colours? Tricky one this. I am sure it can lead to many a domestic argument too! I love scandi inspired Christmas designs that incorporate all the whites and reds, a bit like Paper High at Not on the High Street pictured below and Little Carabelle on etsy.

I love really kitschy bright and colourful decorations but I am yet to convince the rest of my family. So on a recent visit to Homesense, I just loved their kitsch gaudy tree decorations with all the colourful metallics and unusual subjects you can think of as a tree decorations.

But equally you can find great kitsch retro decorations at George Asda, The Contemporary Home, Sass & Belle, and Flying Tiger.

I am big fan of handmade and supporting my fellow makers. After all its quality not quantity that really matters. And you can get something truly unique as you know they will have all been made with love and not mass produced in some factory somewhere. Plus its so good to support a small business!

Here's a couple of fellow makers I follow in my instagram feed you might want to stop by and take a look at:

Sherwood Made UK :

Sarah makes retro and unique tree decorations over on and then sews them all together by hand with gold thread.


At TitschyKitschy you will find some awesome vintage decorations beautifully photographed and collected by Tilda Beth - go and have a look here.

You can always visit a charity shop and get some great deals on vintage tree decorations and support charity too. Here's some vintage baubles I have used in the past on some wreaths I used to make.

Lastly, you may be looking at hanging decorations too like paper chains, bunting, table runners or garlands for your tree.

Eliston Button makes these cute Brussel Sprout garland sets.

Eliston Button

And CottonandCanvasco make these alternative table runners.

Thecottonandcanvas co

However you decide to decorate this year, please try and support small independant businesses because that's where your money matters and you will get exceptional quality and unique items. Not too mention giving a maker huge kudos and motivation.

If you find anything alternative please feel free to share it with me. I am always on the search for new and alternative decor. Meanwhile, I have a whoe board over on Pinterest dedicated to Christmas which included DIY projects, recipes and decorationg tips - you can go look here

Have fun hunting

Katie x

Credit: Naomi for giving me the idea and inspiration to start blogging again x

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