For the Giro cycling fans... a hand made 1.5 metre length of pink cardboard bunting strung onto a gold ribbon. The pennants measure 9.8 cms across with a 13.5cm drop at the longest point and there are seven of them. 

Each pennant is hand printed with a hand drawn Giro logo and alternating bikes in white vinyl.

Best for indoor use unless using on a bright and sunny rain free day! 

I make each to order and each is unique. The perfect decoration for your pain cave/indoor gym wall to help keep you motivated on those long dark winter nights or to fill in time when raining or too windy. Also a perfect gift or stocking filler for any cycling enthusiast. 

 It is made from  orange  270gsm matte card cut into seven pennants -  each flag is threaded onto a 1.5 metre length of gold glitter ribbon, so you can move the pennants along the width of the ribbon. 

Please note that it may differ very slightly to that pictured depending on what materials are available to me at the time.

Giro d'Italia Wall Print Decoration Cardboard Gym Cycle Bunting Giro Print